Bont voor Dieren
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The horrific annual Namibian seal hunt has started again. Between July and December up to 86.000 Cape fur seals are allowed to be slaughtered for their fur. The animals are herded together on the beach and beaten to death with clubs. Only to end up as a fashion item. This has to stop!

The Namibian government tries to conceal any information about the hunt. But research by Bont voor Dieren shows that in 2017 products were still being exported to countries as China and Russia.

Because Namibia chooses to keep on clubbing these beautiful, innocent animals to death, we decided to symbolically ‘club the Namibian flag’ this year. The pride of the country, but now with a bloody club, symbolizing the terrible animal suffering that is going on right now on the Namibian beaches.

Help us stop the slaughter in Namibia and sign the petition for the Namibian minister of Fisheries, mister Bernhardt Esau, because we won’t just let this continue!

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The Petition

Regarding: Please stop the brutal Cape fur seal hunt

Ministry of Fisheries & Marine Resources
To the attention of The Honourable B. Esau
Private Bag 13355

Dear Minister Esau:

The Namibian seal hunt is an annual event that is now the only one of its kind left in the Southern hemisphere. Tens of thousands of cape fur seal pups- less than a year old- are clubbed to death and their skins sold on the international fur markets.

Seal fur is an unnecessary and cruel luxury product which involves unimaginable animal suffering as well as the use of aggressive chemicals in the preparation of the hides. This is in stark contrast to the global movement towards a cruelty free, sustainable and environmentally friendly way of international trade and life.

In addition, seal watching excursions are proven to be much more profitable than the seal hunt. The population of Cape fur seals occupying your beaches guarantees income through tourism year-round, as killing the seals periodically only provides a quick but short lived income.

So far, 35 countries have already placed a ban on the import of seal products causing a shrinkage of the market for these products. Now is the time for your government to take the logical next step and stop this barbaric hunt.

I hereby urge you to stop this cruel hunt. Please end the suffering and slaughter of the Cape fur seals and close the processing factories like the one in Lüderitz, with its capacity to process up to 40.000 animals annually.

Let the people of Namibia and its visitors enjoy Namibia in its full glory without hurting the animals and the environment.

Yours sincerely,